sábado, 31 de outubro de 2009

War's only purpose is to destroy life

Drought and Rain Vol. II, da coreógrafa vietnamita Ea Sola. Este video foi gravado durante a estreia mundial no Theatre de la Ville, Paris, em Novembro 2007.

Forced to flee her homeland during the Vietnam War, choreographer Ea Sola has shaken the dance world with evocative works forged from exile and loss of identity. A sequel to her 1995 Drought and Rain Vol. I about the aftermath of war, Vol. II is a keenly fervent piece about the new generation, with young dancers from the Vietnam National Ballet. Live traditional drumming and adventurous lighting dramatize the aching persistence of memory. Intensifying from soundless slow-motion to pounding percussive movements, dancers shift between isolation and unison in a hypnotic display. Ea Sola's Drought and Rain beseeches us to remember: “War's only purpose is to destroy life.”

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